Why Choose Christway College

Christway is a unique and special school, something that you will feel and see when you visit us for a personal tour, visit our Facebook pages, or interact with any of the children and families who make up our community.

Christway is unique in its culture – we are a living, vibrant, Christian community and are focused on providing an authentic and dynamic learning environment. Our curricular and extra-curricular programs are in line with the Victorian curriculum and also with our, “Five foundations of a Christway child” (based on Mark 12:28–30). Hence, the experiences at Christway enable children to grow holistically – spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially and physically. Our intention is that the students will finish their time at Christway with essential life skills needed for the 21st Century and a strong sense of purpose for how they can use their God-given passions, talents and skills for the benefit of all.

Christway is unique in its size – we know and care for your child as an individual, plus they are known and accepted by others across the year levels. We are also able to provide a broad yet individualised learning program through the middle and senior years of Secondary School through to VCE. Our learning programs are designed to help students develop the necessary character, skills and mindsets they will need to thrive in both their school education and their lives beyond school.

Apart from our Core curriculum (ie. Literacy / English, Numeracy / Maths, Science, Humanities, Phys. Ed, Music, Art, Christian Life, French), some of the innovative and unique programs at Christway include the, “I Love Reading” Program in the Early Years, “Year in the Yard” sustainability program in Grade 4, “Benson Bucks” financial literacy program in Grade 5 and 6, and our “Year of Challenge” leadership and character program in Year 9. These, along with our camps throughout the school levels, our Mission trips at Years 10 to 12, Music and Sport programs, all ensure students are challenged, engaged and growing in their faith, character and life skills.

As a school, we are building on the foundations of our Christian values and heritage, holding onto the things we know that work with children’s learning and education, whilst moving forward into the future with developing the children’s sense of purpose, skills and mindsets needed to thrive in an ever changing world.

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