The uniform promotes pride in the college and an increase in student self-esteem as well as a sense of belonging. The uniform is attractive, long-wearing, and eliminates competitiveness in dress. The wearing of the uniform at Christway College is compulsory.

Parents/guardians of Primary students are asked to ensure that the uniform is worn correctly. Secondary students must take responsibility for this for themselves. If a student is in breach of the uniform requirements they may be excluded from attendance at College events or from participating in excursions. Wearing the correct uniform while on excursions is a matter of safety as it makes students easy to identify while in public.

Terms 1 and 4 are the official Summer uniform terms, and Terms 2 and 3 are the official Winter uniform terms. There is a two week cross-over at the beginning of Term 2 and 4, where students may wear winter or summer uniforms.

All students must wear the official sports uniform as specified when participating in PE/Sports classes and sporting events. When a student is representing the College in an external sporting event, students will be supplied with a competition uniform specified by the College i.e. cricket whites, basketball or netball uniform etc.

The College navy waterproof jacket is the only approved jacket to be worn in the colder weather. This can be worn all year round.

The official College school bag is a uniform requirement and students must have this bag. No other school/sports bags are permitted.

Swimwear must be a one-piece, modest cut of any colour for girls. Boys can wear speedo style or board shorts of any colour. Rash vests can be worn if desired.

Uniforms must be purchased from the approved supplier. Purchasing from an alternative supplier is not recommended as items are not the same colour or design and detract from our uniform as they stand out at school, on excursions and during school photos.

For Kingston Campus:

Uniforms must be purchased from Belgravia Apparel.

For Wyndham Campus:

Uniforms must be purchased from Rushfords Schoolwear. 


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