Learning Beyond The Classroom

At Christway College, students at every stage participate in a wide range of activities outside the classroom environment.

These activities span across all subject areas and are important in strengthening characteristics such as team work, confidence, problem-solving, resilience, social skills and life skills. Extracurricular programs provide students with a new sense of achievement in areas that they otherwise may not have recognised.

Extra Curricular
Performing Arts
The Arts play an important role in the life of the College.
Perfomance Team
Students from each year level have the opportunity to audition for the College performance team and school productions. Each Friday selected students perfect their singing, dancing and acting abilities. Opportunities are presented throughout the year to showcase their talent to their classmates and the wider community.
Music is an important and vital part of our College Curriculum.
Music Bus

The Music Bus provides instrument tuition in 30-minute small group lessons for students every Friday. Students learn to play both popular and classic songs on their chosen instrument as well as music theory. In addition, The Music Bus makes lessons fun with group songs, class activities and competitions like the Mi-Tunes songwriting competition and the BandSlam tournament. Students have an opportunity to showcase their talent during formal assemblies, worship time on Friday and during Chapel services.

Students from Grade 1-6 can audition for the WCC Choir. Our choir performs at all major events and community outreach activities.
Sport & Physical Education
A commitment to health and fitness is important at Wyndham as it provides valuable growth experience for students.
Sporting Carnivals & Competitions

Students have an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sporting carnivals and competitions throughout the year. The main house carnivals include Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. Students who perform well at these events are invited to represent the College in regional and state competitions. Interested students from Grade 3-6 can participate in a Basketball tournament called Hoop Time.

Lunch time sporting activities are offered as well as clinics lead by elite athletes during PE class including AFL, Cricket, Soccer, Gymnastics, Tennis, Basketball and many more.

Students from Prep to Grade 6 participate in an annual swimming program focused on promoting water safety.

Outdoor Learning
“Taking learning outside the classroom and into the natural environment provides the opportunity for an integrated, cross-curricular approach to achieving education aims.” Marchant, E., et. al (20019)
Why Outdoor Learning
Wyndham Christian College is situated on a unique 30-acre property. An outdoor classroom has been established for students use at the back of our property. This outdoor learning environment provides opportunities for an innovative pedagogy utilizing outdoor resources, with the purpose of creating rich and deep learning experiences by engaging students in real life situations.
Leadership Development

Student Leadership development and opportunities occurs throughout the College in both formal and informal ways. Our intention is to raise students who seek to be people of Godly influence first and foremost, whose heart is to serve others and who will “think and act as leaders”, whether they have an official title or not.

Leading The Way
Wyndham Christian College is a great believer in providing opportunities for students to develop and put into practice leadership skills. Our students can serve their peers and the College in a variety of roles including College Captains, Vice Captains, House Captains and as a member of the Student Representative Council. For Captain/Vice and House Captain positions students must complete an application and attend an interview. Students are taught how to greet those conducting the interview, shake hands and respond succinctly to interview questions.
Clubs & Other Programs

Students from Grade 1 onwards participate in a house-based clubs program each fortnight. The four houses are Zion, Carmel, Tabor and Bethel. The Clubs Program brings together students from different classes and age groups, providing opportunity for the older students to lead and serve the younger students.

The club activities offered include:

  • Gardening
  • Outdoor Explorer
  • STEM
  • Robotics
Extra Curricular Galore!

We offer a multitude of engaging lunch time and extra-curricular activities for students across diverse artistic, sporting and academic areas.

Academic Competions

To assess skills in mathematics, all students from Grade 3-5 are encouraged to participate in the Australian Maths Competition (AMC) and Kangourou sans Frontières (KSF). The Science Talent Search (STS) is an annual, science-based competition open to all primary and secondary students in Victoria, Australia. At Christway College Wyndham, students in Grades 1-5 are encouraged to take part. Students are required to attend a judging day with their parents.

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