Missions Trips

Missions Trips

Christway College has an emphasis on students learning about, and experiencing first-hand, the importance of serving others. For many years now, Christway College Kingston has been providing opportunities for senior secondary students to serve on mission’s trips. We offer our Year 10-12 students the opportunity to attend three different mission’s trips. It is hoped that a mission experience will bring long-term blessings to the students and to those they serve in the process.

Year 10 mission trip to Northern Queensland (September)

Each year students in Year 10 have the opportunity to attend a missions’ trip to Northern Queensland. The students spend the first five days of the trip in a discipleship and training program at the Youth with A Mission (YWAM) base in Townsville. The leaders at YWAM have been outstanding and inspirational mentors to our students over the year.  We want to see God impact our students through the context of servant leadership and mission. The students then visit Palm Island and Yarrabah and serve in community outreach program to indigenous communities, particularly with children. This missions trip has been extremely impacting on students over the years.

Year 11 Melbourne city missions experience (June)

The year 11 students have the opportunity to participate in a city program provided by YWAM.  Students stay at YWAM’s Melbourne base in Surrey Hills for the entire mission and partner with a few organisations involved with homelessness, trafficking and evangelism.  The students learn about what these groups do, what needs there are in Melbourne and will also have opportunities to serve the people of Melbourne through activities such as soup kitchens, evangelism and random acts of kindness.

Year 12 Thailand missions trip (November)

Our Year 12 missions trip happens in ‘Schoolies Week’, immediately after the students complete their VCE exams. We see this mission trip as a constructive and fun way to celebrate the end of school. We partner with Australian Christian Church (ACC) International Mission and an Australian missionary couple, Tim and Bronwyn Perry, who have been living amongst and serving the local community of Chiang Mai for more than 12 years.  Our students have the opportunity to serve in local schools, and orphanages, visit our school-sponsored children through Compassion, and also visit and stay a night in a local hill tribe village.  We visit Destiny Rescue, a home for girls rescued from trafficking. In addition, ‘down time’ is deliberately planned for the students including zip wiring through the rainforest and visiting an elephant rescue park. It truly is an amazing and memorable experience for our students.

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